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7 artifacts to create the same style of celebrity kitchen for food bloggers, not only beautiful but also very practical

In addition to the planning and storage skills of the kitchen storage, there is also a very important link, which is to match the appropriate storage tools.

Kitchen objects are not only large in number, but also very diverse. Different types of objects have different characteristics. Therefore, we need to configure corresponding management tools according to the characteristics of the objects. This is also a rule. When each management has logic, The visual, psychological and physical levels will all become tidy, unified and harmonious.


For kitchen storage, we recommend these 7 easy-to-use and affordable tools, which can be satisfied with space expansion, easy handling, and super high-quality appearance.

1. Food storage box:


Almost all food bloggers will use this online celebrity tool in the storage world. We used to buy loose red beans, soybeans, shiitake mushrooms, and yuba. Most of them are packed in plastic pockets. It is understandable that the sealing is not good and the packaging needs to be replaced. But now we all buy them directly from supermarkets or online stores with sealing strips. Packaging, do I need to change the bottle? Isn't it too wasteful?

If the quantity is small, families with only 2-3 bags of dry goods can indeed keep the original packaging. However, there are families who eat beans and cereals for breakfast or who like to cook soup with various ingredients. Keeping the original packaging will make the kitchen work less efficient. You have to search frequently in the bag to find enough ingredients.

Therefore, food bloggers with various stocking needs will choose transparent food storage boxes with fixed shapes, and we must keep up. The storage box is transparent on the outside, and the ingredients can be clearly seen inside; the shape is uniform and can be stacked, which saves space; in addition, it also comes with its own sealing, which not only ensures the safety of the ingredients, but also beautiful and easy to use.

However, when placing it, please note that when placing it in the drawer, the line of sight is from top to bottom and cannot be covered up; while in the shelf space, the line of sight is from front to back. Pay attention to the front and not the back.

2. Sealed bag:


From an economic point of view, sealed bags are the most affordable kind of kitchen storage tools. The airtight bag can be used to seal food, it can also be used as a sub-packaging bag, straws, disposable dishes, kitchen bulk seasoning blocks, etc., all objects that want to be separated from other objects can be isolated separately package.

However, it should be noted that the sealed bags themselves have no supporting force. It is recommended to match the storage baskets to give them a solid shape, so that the sealed bags can be displayed using the vertical instead of horizontal method in the display rule, standing up one by one, which is not only convenient for management, but also clear listing Convenient and practical.

3. Narrow storage basket:

The storage basket is very sparse and common, but it is very powerful and can manage everything. In the kitchen storage, we recommend that you buy square or rectangular ones, and use less round or rounded corners, because you can avoid waste and loss of space when splicing and arranging.

The narrow storage basket can be used to store the kitchen sundries, such as vegetables, fruits, snacks, tools and other small and odd items. Their role is to sort management and retention, to avoid the disorder of space leading to chaos.

4. Wide and deep storage basket:

Like all storage baskets, it can be used for classified storage, but because it has higher walls, it can manage taller and larger objects.

As mentioned earlier, the most space-saving storage is stored upright, so large kitchen items such as pots and pans can be changed from stacked to vertical by borrowing the support from both sides of the wide and deep type.

Plates, dishes, stew pots, small appliances, etc. can also be used for retention management.

5. Drawer compartment:


Knives, spoons, chopsticks, and chopstick rests need to be classified and managed. Cabinet drawers are a good management area, because the layers are long enough, and they can be separated from each other by compartments, so they can be clearly separated by categories. Open.

6. Small cart:


If the cabinets are small, you can consider adding a small cart, so that large items such as pots, seasonings, vegetables and fruits can be managed separately.

7. Lower basket:


There is a part of surplus space between the hanging cabinet on the cabinet and the operating table. The way to not waste this part is to use it, so the hanging basket below is very suitable. It can be used as long as it is hung on the shelf, and it can also be used inside the cabinet.

Efficient kitchen management tool, try it!


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