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Kitchen storage is very important, use storage baskets and drain racks to make the kitchen tidy and clean

For most of our families, the kitchen means a lot of oily fume. The surfaces of kitchen utensils, electrical appliances, small utensils, etc. are often covered with a lot of oil, which makes us very worried about the food and condiments stored in it. Will be contaminated by it. Therefore, how to effectively summarize the things placed in the kitchen, facilitate our cleaning, and prevent food and other imported things from being contaminated by oil, has become a very critical issue.


The first one: Condiments can be stored in containers with uniform appearance. In most of our kitchens, all kinds of colorful condiments scattered everywhere are a very typical home kitchen sign.

They not only affect the overall beauty of this place, but also the quality of some containers is not good. After using for a period of time, the bottle cap will have problems, so we might as well prepare the same style seasoning bottle set by ourselves, and then classify the condiments we bought. Pour into it.

This will make our kitchen look a lot cleaner. In addition, these condiments are relatively easier to clean, and the quality is also very durable. In addition, condiments usually come with a small shelf for storing them, and they are placed near the stove, which is very convenient and tidy.


Second: If the cleaning tools in the kitchen are placed in a mess, not only will it be difficult for them to dry out quickly, but it will also be very easy to make them even more dirty. At this time, you need to prepare a few hooks and a storage basket that can be hung on the pool. Hang rags, steel ball wipes and other objects that are difficult to hang in the storage basket to make the surrounding area tidy.

In addition, prepare a drainable frame on the sink. After washing dishes and other utensils, place it directly on it, which will not stain the cabinets and save the trouble of wiping them. Also, although the filter is very practical, it can be a little troublesome to clean, so you need to buy a filter and place it on it. After a certain amount of garbage has accumulated, just take the filter bag and throw it away. It is too small. Difficult residues will not stay in the filter and the pool, making people distressed.


Third: The trash can in the kitchen takes up a lot of space, and if it is made concealed, it may fill the cabinet with an unpleasant smell. In this case, you need a trash bracket that can be hung on the cabinet door, and then put the trash bag on it. This will not take up too much desktop space, and it will be convenient for us to clean it at any time, and will not produce too much unpleasant smell.

The other is that there are too many garbage bags, which occupy a lot of space in the drawer. You might as well buy a storage box that can be hung on the wall with a special garbage bag. In this way, the garbage bag can have a storage space, no space is wasted, and the overall environment is kept tidy and easy to take.


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